Taking Action Against Online Theft


Canada’s cultural industries contribute over $54.6 billion and 630,000 jobs to our economy. As more and more Canadians consume content on the Internet, international online piracy websites are taking advantage of that trend.



The new, borderless nature of digital piracy has made the current available tools for fighting illegal copying and distribution of creative work ineffective.

As a result, piracy websites are profiting. They are making millions of dollars in advertising and subscriptions by hosting these materials illegally, while taking away fair compensation from the people who create the content and make it accessible to Canadians.


Digital piracy doesn’t only affect our musicians and actors. It hurts everyone who works in the creative industries, from songwriters and set builders to makeup artists and local news reporters. When big piracy websites steal the world-class content Canadians create, creators and consumers lose.


FairPlay Canada is a coalition of more than 25 organizations involved in every aspect of Canada’s film, TV,  radio, sports entertainment, and music industries. We propose to create a not-for-profit Independent Piracy Review Agency (IPRA) under the supervision of the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) to help prevent international piracy sites and organizations from reaching and harming Canada’s creative economy.